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Welcome to Body & Soul Fitness Studio!
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    Did you know that…

  • Contrary to what lame women’s magazines and uniformed fitness gurus tell you, cardio is not king (or queen) when it comes to weight loss.  Spending hours doing long, boring cardio workouts is not the best way to shed body fat. In fact, too many of those types of workouts can actually slow your fat loss and lead to injury. 
  • Body & Soul Fitness StudioStrength training is more important than traditional cardio for fat loss.
  • You are wasting precious time if you exercise in the “fat burning zone” or believe in the “low weight - high reps to tone” myth.  To change the shape of your body, you need to challenge yourself.  Women are not fragile creatures and you will not turn into the Incredible Hulk by lifting something heavier than a 3 pound dumbbell.
  • All strength training is not equal.  Some exercises will give you far more “bang” for your time “buck” than others. 
  • Machines are not safer for beginners.  Not only are they not necessarily safer, using them is almost always less effective than free weight or bodyweight exercises. 

I can understand if you're confused. When I started in the fitness field over a decade ago, those were some of the things I was taught, too. If someone wanted to lose weight, we told them to do 30+ minutes of cardio, 4-6 times a week.

Although we also recommended strength training, cardio was definitely considered the most important factor for weight loss. And, every new member was automatically set up on the machine circuit.

Unfortunately, I know that there are still many trainers out there giving the same advice, which is one reason so many people fail to meet their weight loss and fitness goals.

Most women don't have the time or desire to thoroughly research the most effective fitness programs. You should be able to rely on fitness professionals for that but it's important to follow the advice of those who stay current on the research.

I now know better and faster ways to help people get results. Scientific research has shown that the most effective fat loss workouts are challenging, total body strength training sessions and cardio intervals.

Programs for the Mind,

Why waste time trying to piece together your own workouts from contradictory and often outdated sources? Most of us wouldn't read a magazine article and then go defend our self in court, tinker on our car, or rewire our house. So why try to cobble together a fitness program when you can have a more effective and efficient routine designed specifically for you by a qualified fitness coach?

If you’re tired of spending hours working out and getting lackluster results …
If you want to start exercising but thought you didn’t have the time…
If you want to increase your energy and boost your metabolism…
If you are physically or mentally bored with your current fitness routine…
If your results have stalled…
If you want to get faster results doing shorter workouts …

Call me today at (717) 509-7777.

Mickey Glick
Owner, Body & Soul Fitness Studio
Real Fitness for Every Woman!


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